Biden prefers appeasement of Hamas over the safety of Israel.

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from The Gray Area:

Hamas and its supporters in Gaza, Israel, US college campuses and around the world that they want to destroy the Zionists (which means Israel) from ‘the river to the sea’.  This is not an idle chant, taunt or political narrative.  This is a legitimate threat against Israel ( and the United States because they include the USA in those threats). It is blindingly ignorant not to take this seriously.  Yet President Biden and his administration does not take them seriously.  They want the fighting to stop.

So does Israel.  So does Hamas.

But, what then?

Hamas will attack and kill again, everyone knows that. They have been doing it for decades.  The same pattern.  Attack, kill Israelis. Accuse Israel of war crimes , genocide, until the world says Israel, ‘please stop hurting then people that Hamas is hiding behind’. Israel stops.  Hamas does it all over again.  Same routine.   Hamas’ supporters will say that is necessary to fight colonialism and Zionism “by any means necessary”.

You can have any disagreement you want in this world and you can make that disagreement known in many ways, except one.  You can not indiscriminately target and kill innocent people to get your way.  Never!  When you do, you must be stopped.

Israel does not indiscriminately target Hamas, or anyone.  It only attacks in defense, after another Hamas massacre.

In the case of Hamas and its (supposed) Palestinian cause  ( I’m not convinced that is the only cause they subscribe to), it is nothing but a terrorist gang. Nothing short of complete surrender and destruction of the terrorist gang will do.   That is not genocide on the part of the Israelis, as Hamas and its supporters claim. They are protecting civilians in this conflict better than anyone in a similar urban combat zone has.  They’re actions are clearly defensive. Only when complete,  will there really be peace. Anything else is a pretend peace. Which is what Hamas wants. To live to fight again.

Benjamin Netanyahu knows this.  Joe Biden, and the rest of the appeasement crowd, do not.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hardened his rejection of the Hamas demands for an end to the Gaza war in exchange for the freeing of hostages, saying on Sunday that would keep the Palestinian Islamist group in power and pose a threat to Israel, which is unacceptable. Hamas’s proposal came soon after Israel urged evacuations in Rafah ahead of its offensive.

The Biden administration has held up delivery of Joint Direct Attack Munitions as it pressures its ally not to go into Rafah . Appeasement is better than victory anytime to this weak group.  They proved it in Afghanistan when they turned the country back over to the Taliban!  They will do it again in Israel, but thankfully Israel & Netanyahu won’t let them!

Why Must Israel Take Rafah?  It’s the last sanctuary for Hamas’s military battalions in Gaza!

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