And this ‘doddering … elderly man’ who is ‘too forgetful’ & ‘too sympathetic’ to prosecute’ IS OUR PRESIDENT!

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from The Gray Area:

As reported below in three separate articles in the Wall Street Journal, President Joe Biden is not going to be prosecuted, not because he didn’t do something wrong, but because he is a ‘doddering, forgetful, sympathetic, elderly man’! This doddering, forgetful, elderly man IS OUR PRESIDENT!

The White House is not an assisted living facility! It represents power, with reasoned and deliberate leadership to the rest of the world. And, at a time when we see weakness all around us from this party’s leadership, we now have a 345 page report telling us why and how it is true.

But, let’s examine this for a second. Why would Mr. Hur have to put these details out in his report?  Because if he is not prosecuting, there needs to be a reason, and not guilty is not the reason.  Remember in the Hillary Clinton case in 2016, supposedly ‘no prosecutor would take this case’. Sounds similar to me. Two Presidential candidates in the heat of a race under the legal spotlight, how can we do the least damage.  Would it better for Biden to be found innocent in a courtroom but have to show the country video of him on the stand looking incompetent! Or, he is found guilty, and incompetent, even worse.

No, this was as good as the lawyers could do for President Biden.  Embarrassing written details, but no pictures, so that Democrat media and politicos can have a chance to defend him. That’s how bad this situation is.

Please, can someone who cares about this man take him off this stage and protect him!

from The Wall Street Journal,

Today is not a day that Justice Department prosecutors are going to look back on with pride. Nor are they likely to be proud of their association with special counsel Robert Hur. Tasked with investigating Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, Mr. Hur has instead taken on the role of defending Mr. Biden’s conduct, which clearly was not consistent with the law.

In a famous case from the 1990s, the mobster Vincent Gigante offered what became known as “the bathrobe defense.” He attended his arraignment in pajamas and a bathrobe and claimed to be mentally impaired. Regarding President Biden’s misuse of classified documents, the country is now asked to believe the forgetful elderly man defense.

That’s likely to be the main public takeaway from special counsel Robert Hur’s 345-page report of his investigation into the secret documents Mr. Biden kept in various places. Mr. Hur reports that he “uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen.” But he concludes that “no criminal charges are warranted,” in large part because he doesn’t believe a jury would convict “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

President Biden was sloppy in holding on to classified material related to some of his most consequential policy debates as vice president, eager to show that history would prove him right, according to a special counsel investigation that yielded no criminal charges but is likely to add a new dynamic to the 2024 presidential contest.

Biden willfully retained and disclosed to a ghostwriter classified materials while he was a private citizen after his vice presidency, including documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan and notebooks with Biden’s handwritten notes implicating sensitive intelligence sources, according to a report from special counsel Robert Hur, made public Thursday.

“Mr. Biden’s lapses in attention and vigilance demonstrate why former officials should not keep classified information unsecured at home and read them aloud to others,” Hur wrote in the 345-page document.

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