Bi-Partisan immigration bill will allow at least 1.8M more migrants a year into the US

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from The Gray Area:

The new immigration bill to be voted on this week in the Senate is being touted as significant because it is ‘bipartisan’. Bipartisan is not a bad word, but it gets used these days as a political narrative. Bipartisan to the left means they got one Republican to sign on.That’s not bipartisan.  This bill is different.  A bipartisan committee worked on this legislation for  months.  That is more like the definition of bipartisan and the kind of thing we want to be done in Congress.

However, this bill smells from the start.

  • Biden, after 3 years of open border policies is now aggressively  behind it, why? Anything to do with being an election year?  Of course.  Plus, the #1 issue to voters this year according to polls is the ‘crisis at the border’.  He needs to have something to put his name on to attempt to soften voters for November.  That does not usually make for good legislation.
  • 1.8M more migrants at a minimum will be allowed into the US.  Is this a good thing after between 8-15M already roaming the country?  I don’t think so.  It needs to be zero immediately.  HR2 is the bill to be used for the border crisis.
  • Why does an immigration bill have money in it for Ukraine, Israel & Taiwan?  No. This is a usual Congressional tactic to get in pet projects by adding them to a much needed piece of legislation.  Each of these important funding elements needs to stand on its own.  Each has different needs and issues to be debated.

According to Heritage Foundation, this is what to know about the Senate Border Deal:

There are Senators, led by Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), who continue to negotiate with the Biden administration on a so-called ‘border security’ compromise “deal” to be included in the White House supplemental request. From what we know so far, this so-called deal is unacceptable, and will make the border crisis worse.  President Biden can fix the border crisis anytime he wants.  He has the authority. But he won’t.

The deal:

  • Codifies allowing illegal immigrants into the country.
  • The deal would create a “Title 42 like” expulsion authority, but that authority would only be triggered if 5,000 illegal aliens are entering per day—codifying an annual allowance of 1.8 million illegal aliens into the country.
  • Gives work permits to illegal immigrants. These hundreds of thousands of new work permits are a magnet for illegal immigration and a path to long-term illegal presence that Democrats believe should become full legal-status and citizenship.
  • Fails to rein in Biden’s go-to tool for bringing illegal immigrants into the country: parole. The deal’s so-called reforms to asylum law and parole authority do not go nearly far enough. The president would still be allowed to parole whoever he wants into the country, as long as they enter through an airport. Parole is the Biden administration’s go-to tool to bring large numbers of illegal aliens into the U.S.
  • Fails to hold Biden accountable to the deal. There are no guarantees the asylum and parole changes will be enforced by the Biden administration, or hold up in court.

Republicans should not claim victory by simply reducing a small number of illegal aliens entering our country through expulsion authority in exchange for codifying unprecedented crisis levels of illegal immigration. This deal is a clear attempt to lure conservatives into a trap – the supplemental spending bill could make the crisis worse and add $110 billion to the deficit. … all available information and data and show it to be a disaster.

Speaker Mike Johnson has warned that the legislation would be dead in the House – even doubling down yesterday, saying any “border shutdown authority that allows even one illegal crossing is a non-starter.”

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