Dueling political persecutions

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from The Gray Area:

A little while ago, I was asked this question: Biden impeachment inquiry: McCarthy says House will investigate President. Thoughts?

Here is my answer:

I have a lot of thoughts which I’ll summarize here.

1. I called this 2 months ago. Persecution vs prosecution. Biden impeachment/indictments will likely be coming, will they be politically motivated, too? DEMs yes, they will be. REPs no, not political.

2. Turnabout is fair play. If Dems are gonna tee up impeachment/indictments against Trump with little or no evidence, then they should expect it to come back at them. Both will say the investigations/indictments mean saving our democracy and illustrate equal justice for everyone. Truth is, it is equal political persecution for everyone. What extreme act one side does, the other must do a similar act for political balance. That is what we can look forward to in the 2024 Presidential election, each side calling the other a criminal.

3. But, I don’t like all this ‘tit for tat’ politics. I prefer one side or the other to stand up and be a mature adult about it.

4. The problem with standing up and being the a mature adult is that the media brings everything down to a lower standard. If you don’t do a ‘tit for tat’, then the media will say clearly, the only guilty parties would be Republicans because they’re the only ones that have had impeachment/indictments targeted at them. Why not look at investigations/indictments of Congressional politicians (Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, the squad, and others) who supported and incited the 574 riots of 2020?

5. But even now, with impeachment targeted at Biden, the media will say what the Republicans are doing is politically motivated. Even though Trump indictments that are politically motivated are currently active.

6. It’s all about political messaging and political narratives. As a result, Reps feel they have to do these things to maintain an equilibrium on the political narratives.

7. All that will change only when the public is aware that this is all about political narratives, not about political issues.

8. It appears this legal assault on Trump will not make him exit the race. On the other hand, Biden has bigger problems than Republican lawsuits in getting his nomination. The only hope we have for a ‘normal’ (which won’t happen no matter who runs), is for both Trump and Biden to not be part of their respective tickets. Good bet that Biden won’t be the Democrat nominee for this and other reasons. Not so sure we won’t still see Trump in 2024.

According to the BBC; here’s what we know about the specific claims that the inquiry is likely to focus on.

  • Alleged payments to Biden Family
  • Joe Biden as ‘the brand’
  • Alleged bribery scheme
  • Preferential treatment of Hunter Biden
  • ‘Collusion’ on Burisma inquiries

Boy, that’s a mouthful. Is any of it true? Don’t know yet.

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