Book Banning (and more)

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from The Gray Area:

They left and the propaganda media are rife with accusations of ‘book banning’ against the right and parents for trying to keep sexually explicit and transgender promoting books out of grammar schools. Does anyone really want their 6 year faced with ‘drag queen story hour‘?

The truth is that ‘book banning’ does exist in this country and has for a while. It is conducted by the woke left and propaganda media, designed to cancel or edit books, movies, TV shows, charities, journalists and every form of entertainment or art that does not promote its woke social agenda.

The latest are the Roald Dahl books like ‘James & the Giant Peach‘, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘, and ‘Matilda‘ which are getting a ‘sensitivity’ re-write. The changes are ridiculous at a minimum and dangerous at the worst.

Critics from both sides of the political aisle have blasted these actions as absurd.

All this comes on top of all the ‘cancellations’ over the past 6-8 years. Last year they cancelled Gone with the Wind. In 2020, they cancelled everything, as good tyrants do, including these books.

Of course, the left & the propaganda media supported all this activity. Is their support selective, come out against the most absurd, for the purpose of making it appear they are rationale?

Okay, to be fair, lets say we all want to protect our children from harm, physical or psychological, right! Does it help to sensitize things so much that a kid never has to deal with anything difficult, offensive or even harmful? Of course not. We are already a soft nation because we have tried to artificially raise self esteem and eliminate difficulties from our kids. Not keeping score at ball games, and giving everyone trophies, only creates kids that cannot handle disappointment or anything that isn’t sanitized. Folks, that is a process that leads to insanity. Our young people are already proving to be suicidal from a variety of causes. Over sanitizing life is a major one.

So, as you continue to hear, and you will, that ‘banning books’ in schools by the right is bad, remember 2 things.

1. There is no banning of books by the right.  There are some books that do not belong in elementary schools, but contiue to be published and sold.

2. Books (and everything else non-woke) are being cancelled & banned in masse by the left.

That is the ‘book banning’ that is tyrannical and that we need be concerned about.

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