American destruction underway, a continuing list

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from The Gray Area:
6/22/20: updated 6/29/21

Jacobin 2020.

Think of the French Revolution. France’s attempt at copying the American Revolution, but it went terribly wrong. Ended up in the tyranny of ‘the mob’ & Napoleon.

Is that what we are watching evolve before our eyes in 2020? The destruction of the American Revolution in favor of (French) ‘tbd’ tyranny?

A few quotes from the ‘protests’:

“I’m not here to peacefully protest. I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met. You cannot rebuild until you break it al the way down. Respond to the demands of the people or prepare to e met with any mean necessary.”
– Jaiden Grayson, BLM.Antifa leader of the Seattle autonomous zone known as CHOP. Andy Ngo video, 6/17/20

“We heard you. You’re right. We agree with you, protestors … You won. You won! You accomplished your goal.”
– Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), ordering all 500 NY police forces to be ‘redesigned’ to satisfy ‘communities’ or lose state funding. NBC News, 6/13/20

“Yes, we mean literally abolish the police.”
– NYT op-ed, 6/12/20

Below is a list of history, art and other staples of American culture that are being destroyed before our eyes. This was also done during the French Revolution. Then replaced with new history, sculpture and art to match the tyrannical leadership’s new found priorities.

And, we just sit and watch!

Try to read through this list and not scratch you head or hit yourself in the forehead with astonishment at just how crazy this all is.

Will we continue to watch until America is all gone?

We will continue to add to this list, unfortunately, for as long as necessary, or as long as the protesting ‘cancel culture’ & re-education allows.


Whistleblower: Coca-Cola Uses Antiracist Training That Tells Employees ‘Try To Be Less White’
implementation of the CCAP (Cultural Competence Action Plan).


Land O Lakes
Eskimo Pie
Uncle Ben’s Rice
Aunt Jemima
GOYA Foods boycott after CEO praises Trump


Dixie Chicks change their name to just The Chicks
Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A
-Jeep – Cherokee, Comanche, Mojave brands under attack, considered problematic. And by the way, Gladiator too. They were slaves.
Mastercard Changes Name To Equalitycard. This is a joke, but did you think it was real for a moment?
Amazon gets the guillotine. thought i was crazy using the French Revolution comparison didn’t you.
Washington’s NFL team drops ‘Redskins’ name after 87 years
Cleveland Indians announce plans to consider name change
Texas Rangers team name must change
Here are seven institutions that many people may not know are linked to slavery:

  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • Yale University
  • CSX Transportation
  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
  • Wall Street
  • The White House & The US Capitol
  • George Washington

-Masters golf tournament should change its name! (again you can’t make this stuff up.)
Hasbro changes name of Mr. Potato Head
Trump hotels have been dropped by a major luxury travel agency network 
-Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others removed My Pillow products from their stores because its owner, Mike Lindell, supported President Trump and was a critic of the 2020 Election.
-Bank of America is trying to shut down gun manufacturers by refusing to do business with them.
-Uncle Bens

Statues & Art

Virginia removes Robert E. Lee statue from US Capitol
Teddy Roosevelt
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Francis Scott Key
Caesar Rodney
Christopher Columbus
US Grant, who fought for racial justice
Robert E Lee
Abraham Lincoln statue in Boston to come down says Boston mayor
Wisconsin college students demand Lincoln statue be torn down because while he was ‘anti-slavery,’ he wasn’t ‘pro-black’
Winston Churchill
Jefferson Davis
Edward Colston statue in UK
Mohandas Gandhi
-Threats by BLM to destroy the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial
Upheaval over race reached Met
Texas Rangers statue must go
Albert Pike statue in Washington DC
Murals & stained glass windows of white Jesus & his European mother
Mount Rushmore glorifying white supremacy and Native American protests are planned for July 4th! I wish this was made up, but sadly, it is not.
The creator of Mount Rushmore’s forgotten ties to white supremacy
San Diego Museum of Man Announces Inclusive Name Change- Museum of Us
D.C. committee recommends stripping the names of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key and others from city government buildings 
-152 yr old Civil War obelisk destroyed in New Mexico
Georgia park wants to ‘tell the truth’ about world’s largest Confederate monument. Others want it gone.

TV / Movies

Gone With The Wind
Paw Patrol
Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam
10 Problematic Films That Could Use Warning Labels (remember this when Hollywood defends a ‘problematic’ film as artistic freedom)
Proposal to rename John Wayne Airport because of statements he supposedly made
The Simpsons will no longer have white actors voicing non-white characters. That makes sense in any era. But, it just adds to the list now.
Speedy Gonzales
Dr. Seuss & Pepe LePew
Hank Azaria apologized for playing Apu on ‘The Simpsons.’


Churchill’s legacy considered for review after BLM
Biden Suspends History


-There are now social justice warriors for the animal kingdom.  There is a spreadsheet that has been developed targeting species that have politically incorrect names – like, Gypsy moth and the Oriental Rat Flea. “There is no reason for racism in science and no reason to honor racist people or racial slurs by naming animals after them.” For example, Townsend’s warbler bird. Others,  slavemaking ants, Asian Tiger Mosquito…


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Amazon removed book: When Harry Became Sally
Dr. Seuss Is Canceled: Six Books Will Stop Being Published Because of ‘Racist and Insensitive Imagery’
No, Shakespeare isn’t being ‘canceled,’ says this teacher accused of doing it


The insane cancellation of Abraham Lincoln
Princeton to rename its ‘Woodrow Wilson’ Public Policy School, due to President Wilson’s racist thinking and policies
White Fragility to be taught in schools
L.A. Teachers Union: Schools Can’t Reopen Unless Charter Schools Shut Down, Police Defunded
-Georgetown student association condemns Conservative
Trying to remove Young Conservatives Chapter from UNT
George Washington University to consider shedding controversial Colonials moniker
Cancel Culture Victim Mike Adams’ Death Ruled Suicide
New York Professor Reassigned After Telling Students Not to Vote for Trump During Lecture
Tulane University turns back on free speech  
San Francisco school board votes to rename schools honoring Washington, Lincoln, Feinstein, others
-Punctuation is no longer for the fainthearted.  Apparently young people are  hurt and offended by the period mark or “full stop” in texts and email  messages, as reported by the Daily Mail. They say it comes across as abrupt and unfriendly to younger people in an email/chat.
implementation of the CCAP (Cultural Competence Action Plan).

Princeton Drops Greek, Latin Language Requirements For Classics Majors To ‘Address Systemic Racism.’


Fender, the guitar company, fired a luthier after he retweeted a (tasteless) joke
The editors of Variety and Bon Appétit both lost their jobs after writing pieces in support of the recent protests and having their efforts judged insufficiently committed, i.e., for being the first people to stop clapping after Stalin’s speech.
The Kansas City Chiefs’ mascot was a crime against humanity.
An aide to the mayor of Washington was chased out of his job for describing a budget as “niggardly,”
NYTimes editor James Bennett forced to resign for Cotton Op-ed
Philadelphia Inquirer editor Stan Wischnowski fired for loss of buildings headline
Students, Faculty Target Professor for Writing Honest History of Black Lives Matter
University of Massachusetts Nursing Dean Fired After Saying “Everyone’s Life Matters”
Sen. Scott Jensen, MN, says he’s under investigation by state medical board for COVID remarks.
The online mob came for Harald Uhlig,a University of Chicago professor and head of the Journal of Political Economy. What terrible thing had he done?
50% of “strong liberals” would support business leaders being fired for making campaign contributions to President Trump.
-the far left is even going after their own, Pelosi under attack fro the far left for her corporate connections
Cancel Culture Victim Mike Adams’ Death Ruled Suicide
NPR Weatherman Fired for Accurately Describing Dystopian Seattle
Carolina Panthers fire Spanish-language broadcaster for support of Trump 
Days After Space Force Officer Fired For Opposing Marxism – 23 Republicans Demand The Air Force To Reinstate Lt. Col. Lohmeier
Police Officer Who Mocked LeBron James in a Viral Video Has Been Fired

Churches & Faith Based

St. Junipero Serra statue in SF is torn down. Archbishop Cordileone offers exorcism prayers 
Florida man lights Catholic Church on fire with parishioners inside
Statues of Mary Vandalized in Weekend of Catholic Church Attacks
Statue of Virgin Mary beheaded at Tennessee parish
Jesus statue vandalized at Calgary church
Satanic symbol painted at church in parish where Knights of Columbus began
Church members searching for answers after statue of Jesus Christ is decapitated
Congressman writes to DOJ after attacks on Catholic churches
L.A. Judge Tosses Restraining Order Against Pastor John MacArthur, Grace Community Church Forbidding Indoor Services

States (& State Dept locations)

Rhode Island to change name
Mississippi State flag
Mississippi Senate votes to change state flag
Biden State Department signals support for BLM flag to be flown at US embassies


-Oops! The family that owns the New York Times were slaveholders: Goodwin. (I guess BLM doesn’t care.)
-The New York Times is calling on President Biden to appoint an all-powerful “reality czar’ to decide once and for all what is and isn’t the “truth”.


Uncle Sam billboard in Washington
-changing names of US military bases
Princeton subjected a professor to a hate-speech inquisition for using the word “spooks” to refer to ghosts.
Oklahoma State football coach Gundy forced to apologize for wearing an OAN t-shirt
Drew Brees forced to apologize for supporting the flag and the national anthem
‘Master’ Bedroom is racist and should be eliminated in real Estate language. This is real. Can’t make this stuff up.
Woman Shot And Killed After Group Says ‘All Lives Matter’
John Wayne Exhibit to Be Pulled from USC Amid Student Protests
Scrabble bans bigoted words
Sleep Is Systemically Racist
-“There is only one race, the human race,” is a “racist microaggression.” (University of California list of microaggressions.)
Four racist words and phrases that should be banished from the English language: Peanut gallery, Eenie meenie miney moe, Gyp, No can do.
Dress codes are open to dispute (except for mask wearing i guess?)
St. Louis couple charged for pulling, waving guns at protest
-Oops! Liberal, progressive — and racist? The Sierra Club faces its white-supremacist history.
L.A. Mayor Threatens To Cut Off Electricity & Water to Private Homes Hosting Parties
New York City to start check points into the city
Girl Scouts cave to mob and remove tweet congratulating 5 women Supreme Court Justices because it includes ACB
U.S. soccer will now allow players to kneel for national anthem
Evanston, Ill., leads the country with first reparations program for Black residents


Polish Catholic parish in London: Police ‘grossly exceeded powers’ in halting Good Friday service


Space Force Officer Relieved of Command After Warning of Growing Marxism in the Ranks

And, now, even people themselves

More Censorship! Abdul-Jabbar: Conservatives Deserve Backlash, Cancellation
Trump supporters targeted

Conservatives say media ignoring attacks on Trump supporters at DC MAGA march
Democrats call for disbarment of Trump legal team
Michigan State Rep Posts a Chilling Threat to ‘Trumpers’
Lawyer Who Represented Trump in Pennsylvania Placed Under Protection After ‘Threats of Harm’
All Republican Rats
CNN’s Jake Tapper condemned as ‘smug and repellent’ for tweet about Trump supporters
Al Sharpton accuses Loeffler of ‘vile fearmongering’ for calling Warnock a ‘radical liberal’
Rand Paul attacked by crazed mob after RNC outside White House
-diners accosted outside restaurant
-police attacked with bricks
-police woman shot while sitting in her ca
-retired police captain killed confronting looters
-people walking in streets attacked
BLM terrorizes elderly and others in Pittsburgh


This leaves out all the daily censorship on social media!

Fighting Back Against The Mob!

Militia descend on Gettysburg to fight threat of violence and destruction of the battlefield memorial
Under pressure, but, the Chicago Blackhawks refuse to change their name
Loeffler sent a letter to WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert, asking her to forget about the plans for players to wear warmup jerseys with “Black Lives Matter” and “Say Her Name.” Instead, she asked for all uniforms and apparel to have the American flag on it.
This ‘cancel culture’ is so nuts, even the crazies on the left are ‘fighting back’.
Trump says Goya boycott backfired: ‘People are buying like crazy!’
backlash against Goya CEO: ‘He’s giving people courage’ to stand up to the mob
Black Lives Matter Murals Are Being Defaced In Cities Throughout The Country
“Back the Blue” rallies in support of embattled police officers are spreading throughout the nation.
Baby Lives Matter mural lasts less than ten hours
-Backing the Blue: Oklahoma
-Backing the Blue: NYC
-Cherokee County, GA “Back the Blue” rally
Tallapoosa County stands by police at Back the Blue event
-Rio Rancho Back the Blue
Police groups want to paint a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ street mural in New York City, too
Back the Blue Rally Denton Texas 22 August 2020

– Flowers for local Sheriff’s Office in Kitsap County, Washington
– The Brevard Federated Republican Women sent signed letters to all 19 law enforcement agencies in Brevard County, Florida to encourage law enforcement and let them know they are appreciated.
As Confederate monuments tumble, die-hards are erecting replacements
Trader Joe’s takes a stand!
NPR Weatherman Fired for Accurately Describing Dystopian Seattle
Congressman writes to DOJ after attacks on Catholic churches
L.A. Judge Tosses Restraining Order Against Pastor John MacArthur, Grace Community Church Forbidding Indoor Services
Marysville varsity football photo goes viral; causes controversy

American flags hung after 9/11 are getting taken down from New Jersey overpasses. The Robbinsville Twp PBA has announced plans to rehang American flags on overpasses throughout Robbinsville on Sept. 11.

Football Players Suspended After Carrying Flags Supporting Police and Firefighters
Grinch Act introduced to protect Children’s books

Republican ramp up efforts against corporations who protest Georgia voter reform
Time back home has emboldened Republican to fight Biden agenda
How does LeBron James still have sponsors?
Florida Gov. DeSantis signs law to hold Big Tech companies accountable for content moderation practices
Texas Cracking Down
Toyota takes a bold stand

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