There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots

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from The Gray Area:

Jake Tapper used this quote in his rant against the Republicans and Donald Trump on his State of the Union show this weekend; “It all recalls what Ulysses S. Grant once wrote in 1861, quote: ‘There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots‘. It is very apropos to the situation in America today, ‘traitors and patriots’, but which party is which?

Tapper, a noted lefty and Trump hater, on CNN, the network of snark, partisanship and lies, believe Republicans are the ‘traitors’, and by process of elimination that would mean the Democrats are the ‘patriots’. The conservatives in America believe that CNN, Jake Tapper and the radical left are the ‘traitors’. So, who is correct?

It is not hard to see which party is what here. Does anyone EVER confuse Democrats with patriots? No never. Republicans are called patriots by the Democrat left and cursed for it. Their patriotism is just another way of describing racism, bigotry, sexism, etc, they say.

Who defends America and who tears it down? Who decries America’s founding and wants to fundamentally change the country? Who riots in the streets, destroys property, threatens people who don’t agree with them, attacks those who speak out? Who wants to re-write American history? Those are not Republicans, they are Democrats. So Tapper’s argument is the opposite of the truth.

And, that is also the broader issue with media today, gaslighting and opposites.

Gaslighting, is the media telling you do not believe your own lying eyes, instead believe us and we will tell you that you did not see what you just saw. For example, the riots you witnessed over the summer were not riots, they were really peaceful and patriotic (in addition, you won’t get COVID if you riot).

Opposites, this is telling you the opposite of the truth. Like Republicans are ‘traitors’ and don’t have what’s best for the country at heart.  Just the opposite of the truth. Who celebrates American holidays and memorials, not Democrats. They attack American’s who do. Then they try to call that attack, patriotic.

On this subject of voter fraud, the media are ‘gaslighting’ you by covering up evidence so that you believe what they say, there is no evidence. Just like they covered up the Hunter Biden affair, until after the election. That includes Tapper. The media are presenting you with ‘opposite’ images of the truth and calling them truth, so you don’t know what to believe. AntiFa is one of the best examples of this. AntiFa are called anti-fascists, yet they attack people who are not fascist, using fascist tactics.

Tapper further said that Trump and his Republican supporters are in a “doomed attempt to stage a bloodless coup”. CNN and Jake Tapper are good at this one. For four years they, along with their mainstream media co-conspirators, led a bloodless coup to oust Donald Trump. They tried everything and more that is being tried by Donald Trump to correct the 2020 election, to stop the 2016 election results from becoming confirmed. But, they call Trump’s efforts ‘seditious and unpatriotic’.  They instituted the false ‘Russia hoax’ and followed it for 2 1/2 years, and continue even now to push the false narrative, after it was proven false. They tried to impeach Trump over a phone call. They investigated his family, his pre-political activities, his businesses, his taxes, all in desperate and ‘seditious’ efforts to oust this President. They led a ‘bloodless coup’, which fortunately failed. But, that’s not enough. Now they want to lead a post- presidential assault on Trump in the courts. They will not give up. And they have the nerve to look you in the eye and say, the media and the left are ‘patriotic’. Absurd!

And it proves an article I wrote this weekend titled, Yes, It’s a Fact, Our Media is Biased!.

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