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Multiple messages embedded in political headlines for 2024

from The Gray Area:
This is the subhead of a Washington Post article yesterday; Apocalyptic messages, reflecting country’s anxious mood, could prompt convulsive reaction to the election results. The title of this article is, Doom dominates 2024 messaging as Trump and Biden trade dire warnings. Unfortunately, these are both true statements! But, also, watch these headlines and subheads for other political narrative promotion. Do not take 2024 media messaging as simply reporting the news. They are setting up political narratives to run throughout the year. Polls: Democrats have made very public through the media the past 60 days that they are very worried about Joe Biden's polling numbers. There is no question he is polling poorly. But, media polls are known to drive opinion, not reflect opinion. Right now, a year before the election, this polling is being accepted and promoted by the left wing media. That is unusual. Negative Democrat polling will usually be ignored or minimized as an out of the mainstream poll. Not now, why? Well, its not because they only want to publish the truth. This polling is a political narrative, used to set up other narratives through0out 2024. Those narratives could be, Biden polling is improving, which would be designed to make the public believe that Biden's leadership was not as bad as originally thought. With inflation coming under control and the stock market pushing record highs, positive Bidenomics messages will abound. These will all attempt to set up the appearance of an improving mood in the country which is very important as November 2024 approaches. And/or, if Biden does not actually run, then this polling will serve as a reason why the Democrat party changed horses. That will be promoted as listening to the public. Dire warnings: This one is another in that line of driving public opinion. The entrenched nature of the two sides has reached a fever pitch, with leaders of each party fanning the flames. But, that's not all. This is a message to us for when we see violence, don't be surprised. Like in 2020, the Democrats & Republicans promoted mail in ballots and the problems with them.  When they election results defied polling, the public was ready to accept and reject voter fraud allegations. Disruption planning: Also, in 2020, the Democrats, the media and their other supporters had a very detailed response plan for a potential Trump victory. It was not executed, obviously, because Biden won. This year a similar plan is surely being implemented by the left, and maybe by the right. Having such a plan in place is frightening. One of organized violence, riot and disorder should not be an activity of either party. 'Right wing' 'extremists': Yet the media will blame the dire & disruptive actions only on the 'far right'. Exercising insurrection, dangers of MAGA and fascist narratives, the media will focus only on one of the political 'extremes' impacting this election and our country. There is no question that 2024 will be a political year like we have never seen before. 2020 was one for the books, and 2024 will be worse. The 'save our democracy' from authoritarian tyrants political narrative is pervasive on the left and the 'save our country' from Marxist revolutionaries version pervades on the right.  With those dramatic rallying cries there is going to take a lot of political restraint to have a peaceful year before & after the election in November.  Our political leaders do not possess that restraint. More From The Washington Post (subscription required):

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