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Ukrainian Denies Incursion; Kyiv Says Moscow Makes Up Fake Incidents

from The Gray Area:
Things are getting more tense everyday between Russia & Ukraine.
  • Putin also accused Ukraine of taking a hostile stance toward Russian-controlled areas
  • Russia’s military said it destroyed two Ukrainian armored vehicles and killed five Ukrainian personnel inside Russian territory Monday
  • a Russian-installed leader of a breakaway part of eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region asserted—also without offering evidence—that Kyiv had launched an offensive and said he would welcome financial and military assistance from Moscow.
  • Russian-installed authorities in Donetsk said that several civilians and troops were killed and injured by Ukrainian fire Sunday
And, we have Biden negotiating for us with Putin. Putin knows he is in a position of strength.
from The Wall Street Journal,
Ukraine says it isn’t carrying out any offensive operations now some 190,000 Russian troops have massed on its borders More From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

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