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Black Police Officer Says I Was Like LeBron, Before I Became A Police Officer

from The Gray Area:

Black police officers and black people speak out about reality vs the media narratives against police.

Los Angeles Police Officer Deon Joseph, who wrote a viral letter to LeBron James asking to meet after the NBA star targeted a police officer on social media, spoke out Tuesday explaining the reason he decided to reach out to James and request a sit-down talk. Joseph, who is known by some on Skid Row as “Angel Cop,” told Fox News in an interview ... “I don’t want to call him irrational,” James told Fox. “If I wasn’t a police officer, and all I saw 24/7 on social media and on the radio was that the police are out to get black people, police hate people of color — and they’re repeating that over and over again — I’d probably feel the same way. So I was LeBron James before I became a police officer.A CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday found that 70 percent of black Americans believe their local police are doing a somewhat or very good job. The remaining 30 percent said the police were doing a somewhat or very bad job. The results for whites were 82 and 18 percent, respectively. Among Hispanics, 77 percent rated their local police favorably compared to 22 percent, unfavorably.

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