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from The Gray Area:
Nikki Haley, an Indian immigrant to this country, announced her run for President as a Republican last week. You would think that would be a unifying point for all Americans. But, no. Because, as Whoppi Goldberg said, 'her rhetoric is the same'. MSNBC says 'the same GOP talking points'. And, Don Lemon attacks her age as 'not being in her prime'. None of them seemed to mind Hillary Clinton (69 when she ran for President) or Kamala Harris (56 when she became VP), or, Michelle Obama as a Presidential candidate (at age 60 next year), or, Ketanji Brown Jackson (who took her seat on the Supreme Court at 51). Democrats, progressives & left wing media personalities attacking Nikki Haley's age, her race, her skin color, her heritage and her life experience is hypocrisy of the highest order. Identity politics is high on the list of Democrat political attributes, and Nikki Haley checks all the boxes, except one, she does not follow the Marxist ideology of the left. That disqualifies her. Ask Justice Clarence Thomas. The party of tolerance? Of anti-hate? Please. They say that their views are not an ideological test, but we all know it is. You can be unqualified, but pass the ideological test, check the identity boxes, and that's okay. Like the Babylon Bee said, ''Biden Promises To Replace Retiring Quarterback Tom Brady With A Woman Of Color". Their hypocrisy is a joke to everyone. If the left was honest, they would just debate her positions then, not her lack of 'real' identity'. Having an American minority review political policy, evaluate ideas and make a choice on her own, is unacceptable to the left. That should frighten everyone. And again, it should stamp hypocrite, or liar, on their foreheads when they say otherwise. More From FoxNews: More From MSNBC: More From Mediaite:

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