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The Tolerant & Caring Left

Read the tweets below. Stop, shake your head and read it again. Yes, it really says that. The tweet is apparently about COVID, but could be about anything. The first tweet is an emotional left wing political narrative about Trump supporters not getting the vaccine or wearing masks to save lives, thus they don't care about other people. The narrative is designed to make the left feel superior without consideration for accuracy or context. The left wing who like this narrative 'notice the splinter their brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye'. (For atheists on the left, refer to Matt 7: 3-5 for an explanation of this phrase). Sheep? Lemmings? Lefties seem to mirror both these animal caricatures for blindly following leaders/orders. The term 'useful idiots' gets applied to them for this reason. The concepts of critical thinking, personal responsibility & freedom seems to allude them. Memories seem to lapse as well, forgetting the left's initial reaction to the vaccines when Trump was President( ">see VP Kamala Harris ). It is clear whether you are Republican or Democrat, who is President determines your confidence in the vaccine. So, just cut it out. Other tweets in the same trail assert policies and programs killed more than the COVID virus itself. Was it Trump supporters or Biden/Fauci COVID policies? Haven't seen those numbers, but these narratives run counter. Which is true? The second tweet runs consistent for radical left actions, but counter to media portrayals. The media like you to believe how violent the right is, and how peaceful and tolerant the left is. Evidence abounds as to the violent tendencies of the left. And, more striking, immediately after talking about caring for others, the author wishes that Supreme Court Justice Thomas had died last week. How is that for caring about people! The left's ignorance & hypocrisy is on display every day.

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