1931 Germany - The Progressive Purge
Right-wing populist sentiment is being banished from American life by the brute force of social-media censorship. Along with that are a parade of media, Democrat politicians, former government bureaucrats and left wing activists, this is beginning to make America 2021 resemble, Nazi Germany, 1931.

Political hypocrisy on display

from The Gray Area:

The political hypocrisy is everywhere a week before the midterm elections. The false political narratives of Republicans being fascists and a threat to democracy are being served overtime.

If Donald Trump or another Republican politician or supporter said what Barack Obama and President Biden did the media & Democrats would consider it a threat! But, not if it comes from Democrat politicians. Is this not incitement? Is this mot specifically threatening chaos? At a minimum, is this type of rhetoric divisive?

Here is video from Tony Dungy explaining what is at stake in Michigan.It is this type of recognition among the public that has the Democrats so panicked.

The best reaction to these attacks is the meme that follows:

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More From The Washington Post (subscription required):

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