1931 Germany - The Progressive Purge
Right-wing populist sentiment is being banished from American life by the brute force of social-media censorship. Along with that are a parade of media, Democrat politicians, former government bureaucrats and left wing activists, this is beginning to make America 2021 resemble, Nazi Germany, 1931.

Constitutional infringement affects everyone!

from The Gray Area:
For years, the political right has been making note of the increasing assault on their constitutional rights by government authorities. The right has made clear the inconsistent application of this force against right wing (Republican) vs left wing (Democrat) aligned people & politicians. Here are just a few examples: There are many, many others..... The political left, though, has cheered these government efforts in every case and called them appropriate, adding the political narrative "no one is above the law'. During each of these assaults, the right would say 'be careful with your support of these unconstitutional activities, because when these rights are infringed, at some point the same government will come after you'. This should terrify every American. Well, according to Columbia Journalism Review, no friend of the right, governments have now turned their 'black shirted' goons against journalists around the world, and they don't like it! There is one thing that stands as the only protection we have against the loss of our freedom and liberty, the U.S. Constitution. If the Constitution and the rule of law it defines is abused or ignored, we are lost. The right has known this all along. The left, through attacks on its media, is now realizing this. Though, I fear, they will turn it into a political narrative blaming the right, inconceivably, for the constitutional incursion against them.

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