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COVID has proven it should no longer be feared as a 'death sentence'

from The Gray Area:
COVID is a dangerous disease to a clearly identified group of people, the elderly, the overweight, those with lung & vascular vulnerabilities. To the other vast majority of the population, it is no worse than the flu. Cases do not equal deaths, far from it. People are getting worse reactions to the COVID vaccine injections now than to COVID cases. Deaths as a % of cases is now is less than 1%. This pandemic has been taken over by political narrative, not science and a clear, unified desire to understand and defeat it. This political narrative continues with the latest panic driven announcements from the CDC and Joe Biden that a 4th wave is coming and may lead to 'impending doom'. Certainly we have to continue paying serious attention to this disease and keep learning about it and its potential variants, but we need to stop the political fear mongering and misinformation. We should continue the course with vaccines, safety precautions for those at risk, and progress toward herd immunity. Personal responsibility, not state control, should always be our model. Yet, here is Joe Biden, pleading with state governors to reinstate the mask mandate and Fauci including kids wearing masks, maintain social distance and lock down. All while inviting the 'Brazilian variant' to make its way up the Central American peninsula and into the United States! Without masks, Without quarantines. Without limits. Yes, its political. And, when Biden says this is not political, that confirms it is. In addition to the Biden examples, here is a piece in The Washington Post, The GOP is facing a sickness deeper than the coronavirus, that also clearly defines the political narrative. In the article, Mr. Gerson, gives the usual misleading and inflammatory points about Republicans and Republican governors not caring or taking the disease seriously, and therefore killing people! So irresponsible by the media, but, also understandable, when you realize this is all about the political narrative, not the pandemic. Mr. Gerson attacks Trump and Florida and South Dakota Governors in just this way, talking about their 'surrendering to the crisis' and 'middling results'. He then excuses the worst state results in the country, those with Democrat Governors, as the 'hardest hit early on' and that the Republicans should be more serious and submit. All the data suggests the opposite.

Mr Gerson does make one very important point. "Amid its many horrors, COVID has presented a rare opportunity. On one large national problem, it has allowed for an empirical test of political philosophies." He is so right, it is a political test, and contrary to his summation, the socialist, controlling left is failing miserably. His analysis of the test results, like much of the overall COVID case data, is flawed.  And, once again, the opposite of the political narrative. A report out today discusses a small Amish community in Pennsylvania who have already reached herd immunity, but not due to tight lockdowns and ignoring church. 90% of the community has been infected. Certainly we know this immunity will not last forever, but herd immunity is where we all hope to get. The political narrative promoted by the media has been successful. A large majority of the country, Democrat & Republican are scared to death. That is not productive. And when we look at a potential 4th wave, we need optimism, not pessimism. We need accurate data and decision making on continuing to implement the plan and attack the virus. Vaccines, early detection and therapy, protect the vulnerable, and personal responsibility. More From The Washington Post:

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