Democrat Socialists of America
According to Wikipedia, The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is an organization of democratic socialist, social democratic and labor-oriented members in the United States. The DSA has its roots in the Socialist Party of America (SPA). The organization has at times endorsed Democratic electoral candidates—notably Walter Mondale, Jesse Jackson, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders—and the Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. map of DSA chapters Map of DSA chapters as of January 2019 The DSA is not only by far the largest socialist organization in the United States in the 21st century, it is also the largest socialist organization in the United States in over a century.

This will make you fearful for America's future

from The Gray Area:

The Democrat Socialists of America were meeting in Georgia this past week. Yes, there are more of them than just Bernie and AOC. The organization had 1,000 people at the convention and boasts a membership in excess of 32,000.

Despite what Bernie says about Democrat Socialism, their members state the basic Marxist tenet of defeat Capitalism and replacing it with government control of the means of production.

Here is a segment from the convention which will confirm all your fears for America.

Note opening with overcoming capitalism.

Note the 'snowflake' nature of the speakers.

Note the use of 'comrades' as the preferred term of association.

Note the 'gender pronoun' use along with name as personal identifiers.

Note the extreme sensitivities to everything.

Note the inability to handle those sensibilities or work within a groups of 1,000 personal sensibilities (usually referred to as real life).

Another example; rules:

This is what we are creating in our culture. Uninformed, overly sensitive, and weak young adults. More From FoxNews

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