This is what tyrants do

from The Gray Area:

Tyrants, authoritarian governments, and strongman regimes, throughout history, and frequently in the past 100 years, have required from their citizens almost blood oaths to their leadership and cause. They have controlled media to send out only approved messages to the public that support their claims and plans. And, they publicly and privately punish opposition politicians and those who might not share the tyrants goals and actions. We have seen it in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China, Chavez' Venezuela, Castro's Cuba, Kim's North Korea,etc, etc.

Welcome to 2021 America. The Constitution is being shredded.

Critical to the tyrant's cause is control of the military. Not in a Constitutional way, but in a personal, political and coercive way. With the announcement from the new Secretary of Defense Austin that the US Military was to 'pause', or 'stand down' for 60 days while he checks on extremism in their ranks, you can begin to add America to that list of authoritarian government's attempting to control the populace and the military.

By the way, what is the extremism they are searching? Is it left-wing extremists who riot in the streets of this country for months, take over cities, burn churches, attack government buildings, takeover Congressional office buildings and attempt to attack the White House? No those people are supported and justified.

Is it members of Congress who actively and publicly attempt to overthrow a duly elected President and tell their followers to 'get in the face of his supporters'? No, that is called simply 'resistance'.

Is it those who declare a belief that the past election had some disturbing irregularities that need to be addressed? Yes. Rght-wing extremists who, with a small group of left-wing extremists, stormed the Capitol on January 6th? Yes. Both of those 'right-wing' groups of people only are dangerous extremists, need to be isolated, such comments should be censored, they should be removed from committees, denied a social media platform and otherwise hounded and jailed by the FBI. Biden has declared domestic extremism an urgent national security threat in the wake of the riot. Democrats resisted any such declaration by the President or Congress with regard to the riots during the summer. They wouldn't even call them riots. But, this sad 3 hour display a the Capitol is happily and repeated described as a riot.

Under the Code of Military Justice, service members can't actively advocate for extremist, supremacist or criminal gang doctrine, ideology or causes, or participate in any way. That would include a variety of things, such as fundraising, organizing, training, distributing materials or having tattoos or wearing clothing associated with such organizations.

How will that be evaluated?

Along with the regime's control of media messaging in this country, recent FBI raids on American's the regime believes harbors opinions not in sync with theirs, withholding intelligence briefings from your predecessor, and the 'progressive purge' in the 'cancel culture', we see 1931 Germany emerging in this country.

It is a fearful time in America with the Democrats and the Biden regime in control.

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