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The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America grants freedom of worship, speech & press, the right to petition the government & to assemble peaceably. Specifically with regard to "peaceably assemble" it states: Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, ... or the right of the people to peaceable assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Incredibly important part of the Bill of Rights and our freedom. But, a key word in this amendment is one that we have let get away from us in the past 50 years is "peaceably". George Washington had to put down the "Whiskey Rebellion" in the first 2 years of his first term which served to secure the issue of a "peaceable" redress of grievances. For us today, relaxing of this principle "peaceful assembly" started with union strikes and activism in the 1930s and came to be part of our culture during the extensive protests of the 1960s. We need to re-establish this principle in our culture. Anytime you are part of a protest you should expect that if it turns from peaceful to disrupting commerce, disturbing the peace or violence, you and your associates may be arrested and that it may not be a pleasant experience. To let the protests we see today continue like OWS and the union gangs in Wisconsin is to invite insurrection. And, then to have them be celebrated by everyone from media and entertainment personalities, to politicians, to the President, we might as well send an engraved invitation to the revolution. Recognizing the groups of "professional protestors" that exist today around the world it is even more important to make sure that our citizens have the right to be heard without the noise and violence of the professional "agitator" who is out to further their own agenda, not the best interest of America. The same can be said about the political partisanship described under 2012/2014 Elections which serves to enable such behavior.

Everyone Could See This Coming

from The Gray Area:

Chaos and violence broke out after dark last night in DC following a peaceful pro-Trump demonstration. AntiFa and Proud Boys apparently confronted each other under cover of darkness and people were injured.

Can it be true that no one saw this kind of thing coming? Of course not!

Every Trump demonstration or rally in the past four years has been attended by counter-protestors, whose express purpose is to incite violence. The media has been behind those counter-protestors every time, ignoring there violence and disorderly conduct.WaPo headline says 'Proud Boys roam looking to fight'. Really? AntiFa has not been doing that for the past four years? BLM hasn't been doing that throughout 2020? Not once did you see such a headline saying they were 'looking for a fight'.

This type of confrontation should be expected to continue as the radical elements of the left attempt to control Trump supporters. Trump supporters should be expected to resist this aggressive behavior for obvious reasons.

This cannot end well until law & order are re-established in this country.

Until riots are called riots and stopped.

Until media reports accurately on what is happening.

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