The Bullhorn Politics of Roe v. Wade

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from The Wall Street Journal,

Democrats always seem on the edge of pushing politics into a state of civil unrest.

At times like these, when an issue has pushed American political life to a white heat, some sage often steps forth to restate a truism: All politics is local. Not anymore.

For the progressives running the Democratic Party, all politics is national. Whether abortion on demand, gun bans, eliminating fossil fuels, whatever, the view of the Democrats is that the locals (rhymes with yokels) are just along for the ride. Get over it. And if progressives don’t get what they want, they head to the streets.

After the demonstrations and end-of-days statements from elected officials following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs case, one almost forgets that the decision came with a reasoned opinion

By aligning so closely with street protests and apocalyptic claims about abortion, climate and gender, the Democrats have created a significant perception problem for the party heading into the midterm elections and perhaps for years. With these allies, the party always seem to be living at the edge of civil disturbance. Now they have repudiated the U.S. Supreme Court—in toto.

Come November, I expect most voters will elect not to live in a state of constant political rage and moral chaos.

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