College tuition continues to grow. Student loan debt reached almost $1 Trillion last year. College graduates are out of work. Higher education as the route to success in America is under review. Follow the debate.

Elizabeth Warren has a program for that, and they are all damaging to the country.

from The Gray Area:

This is what Elizabeth Warren and the lunatic left who support her don't understand. I won't say they are missing it, because its worse than that. They don't understand.

Katherine Timpf explains the entirety of the affording college issue for them in the article below.

The process of going to and affording college includes important financial decisions along the way, a commitment to the end goal and working hard to get there.

It rarely includes a 'free' ride. Though the left forced banks to make it easy to get huge loans that 18 yr olds had no way of understanding. And, now, they blame the banks for giving them the loans that the government made them give. Unsecured loans to people who had no way to pay for them and no experience to understand the burden that debt places on your future.

Just blatantly stupid politics and now follow by blatantly more stupid politics.

I'm not saying there doesn't need to be some solution to this problem, like stopping the program immediately, but lets not continue to force people in this country into making bad choices and then pay people for making bad choices.

Read Katherine Timpf's story below. You'll get it.

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