Texas A&M President Resigns After Public Outcry Over DEI

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from Texas Scorecard,

Texas A&M President Katherine Banks has announced her immediate resignation following public outcry against A&M’s attempted hiring of a DEI proponent as the university’s new journalism director.

Texas Scorecard previously reported that Kathleen McElroy was hired as A&M’s new journalism director and was a proponent of DEI measures at UT Austin. McElroy expressed to NPR that journalists “can’t just give people a set of facts anymore. I think we know that and we have to tell our students that.”

In the article, A&M’s interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, José Luis Bermúdez, is mentioned speaking to McElroy over the phone warning he would not be able to “protect her” from being fired.

Bermúdez has now resigned from his interim dean position.

In Feburary, a Claremont Institute investigation into A&M’s DEI policies detailed various actions approved under Banks’ tenure.

Several policies were found using ideological tests for the administrative fellows program, teaching that America is systemically racist, and promoting lower tenure standards for “diversity” candidates.

The report also found that the percentage of black and Hispanic students that feel they belong at A&M has lowered significantly from 2017 to 2020, as diversity, equity, and inclusion measures increased.

“Here is hoping that the Texas political establishment recognizes that DEI is a clear and present danger to the academic enterprise and equal justice under the law in our republic,” Yenor said.

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