Supreme Court Justices reverse Colorado ruling that disqualified Trump

from The Gray Area:
In a decision today that the left will criticize and the right will applaud, The Supreme Court decided 9-0 to reverse the Colorado disqualification of Donald Trump from the state's presidential ballot. Read the Decision in the Trump Colorado Ballot Case here. There are three primary reasons why this decision was really the only one that could be made. 1. 9-0, unanimous! The 3 liberal judges could easily have posted a 'no' protest vote that would not have changed the outcome as a sign to their constituency, but they did not. The 3 liberal judges (Kagan, Sotomayer, and Jackson) did say the Court went farther than they had to on this decision, but otherwise it was the correct thing to do to reverse the Colorado decision. 2. Election chaos. If the Court allowed this Colorado decision to stand, then any other state could do the same against Trump or any Democrat candidate, meaning the election would be decided by a handful of states. That is not good for the country. And, neither is one state, arbitrarily taking a presidential candidate off their ballot, a legitimate action. This is probably why the 3 liberal Judges joined in to support the decision. They knew this is exactly what would happen and the Democrat nominee would then be taken off the ballot of many states. Here is a map of those states which have removed or are considering removing Trump. 3. Tyranny. For state politicians to just hold a 5-day mock trial brought by a left-wing anti-Trump group and find someone is guilty of insurrection is frightening.  In addition, I'm not a lawyer, but, they probably don't have legal standing to make such a case.  Further, this is the height of political tyranny. It is a charge that has not been formally brought against Trump or one that he has been found guilty of. This is the kind of thing all the dictators of the world have done, and still do, to maintain control in their countries. This is 'Putinesque'! To do this, they are hiding their tyranny behind the political narrative that Trump actually was tyrannical himself by trying to overturn the 2020 election. The facts don't support that narrative. But, it still enables those unethical politicians in Colorado, and other states, to make similar tyrannical, win by any means, decisions under that cover. It is good that the Court eliminated that tyrannical option. New options will be developed and pursued though. Whether you like Trump or not, this is the correct Constitutional and common sense ruling by the Court. More From The New York Times: More From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

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