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As I posted on February 12, 2022, before Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated by President Biden, another Supreme Court nomination has caught the political attention of both parties. Again we can expect political theater in the Senate over the confirmation of President Biden’s eventual nominee. Does it have to be that way? Has it always been that way? What’s different now? What can we do about it? The CATO Institute, is enlightening on all these questions in the article, Are Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Worth It? What this paper points out is that the difference now vs our entire history is incompatible … ideological … considerations’. Because that is what these nominees, the hearings and threats of 'court packing' are all about, incompatible ideologies.

The political theater that are Senate confirmation hearings continued with the KBJ nomination. Republicans went after her qualifications and questionable rulings, all fair game. They were concerned and voiced same about some of her answers like, what is a woman? and why she doesn't believe in 'individual rights', which is stated in the Constitution. Nonetheless, the only people interested in these concerning issues of qualification, gender and constitutional understanding were 47 Republicans, as she was confirmed in a 53 - 47, primarily party line, vote (3 Republican Senators voted for confirmation, Collins, Murkowski & Romney). Not one Democrat had an issue. Because, as they said, what mattered to them was an ideological match, and someone that met the identity test (black female), was their candidate.  These are incompatible considerations for Republicans. Certainly, under Trump, the ideological component was high on the list of qualifications preferred. And, as Washington Post columnist , admitted, 'it’s simply a matter of fact that the Supreme Court is now a political football' and Republicans are right to oppose Ketanji Brown Jackson. Yet Democrats and the media ignore this reality, in favor of political narratives that demonize Republicans and gaslight history.

On March 25, 2022, I posted the following; Media support of bad Democrat behavior, just confirms lack of honesty & journalistic integrity . That has come true loud and clear since then, and especially after the KBJ hearings ended.  In an effort to cover up the horrific display of Democrats in the Kavanaugh hearings, Democrats & the media have been making shameless accusations about Republican questioning during the KBJ hearings.  Nothing could be farther from the truth as this post, and these two, Liberals Are Rather Shameless on Ketanji vs. Kavanaugh  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS slam GOP, celebrate Ketanji Brown Jackson SCOTUS confirmation clearly show. In addition, protestors were allowed in the hearing room for the Kavanaugh hearings and some even assaulted Sen. Manchin in a Congressional elevator. Insurrection maybe? Of course not. But it does illustrate the differing rules for Democrat & Republican nominees. But, our media don't explain that. Instead they are shameless in their display of misinformation and purposefully ignoring facts they don't like. America will be very lucky if we get through this unnecessarily divisive period with minimal damage. More From CATO Institute:

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