The opposite of reality

from The Gray Area:
The Washington Post had an article today titled: The Supreme Court is broken. So is the system that confirms its justices. As far as the headline goes, the author is accurate. Politically appointed, political justices on the court and a Senate confirmation process which is nothing but political theater.

But, now focus on this section of the authors premise: "We could endlessly debate how things degenerated to this point: Republicans point to the Bork hearings, the Thomas hearings, the Gorsuch filibuster and the Kavanaugh hearings; Democrats bemoan the Garland blockade and the hurried Barrett confirmation. Neither side has clean hands." The last sentence, "Neither side has clean hands", is designed to confirm a point that is the opposite of what he just said in the previous sentences. That is because he wants you to believe that both parties are at fault and have you ignore who started this ideological mess. His examples are accurate, 4 for Democrats that go back 35 years! Before he ever got to a SCOTUS Republican tactic, the Democrats had been breaking the system for 30 years!  And, one target of their wrath, an imminently qualified black man! The 2 Republican examples go back only 5 yrs. and compare not even closely to the radical Democrat hysterics in the 4 Senate confirmation hearings listed over the past 35 years. Finally, the Republican senators found some backbone and said enough is enough already.  If you Democrats are going to be ideological, we Republicans will no longer be walked over.  Having loyal opposition is unacceptable to the left, so they make up information, totally ignore facts, or just misrepresent them. The same party of 35 year ideological tests vs constitutional tests, the Democrats, now want to 'pack the court' because they don't like not having control of all three branches of government. All three branches were set up as 'checks and balances' against just this type of tyrannical ideology that means to take over the government and the country. It is the perfect example of what happens every day with censorship, fake news, criminalizing free speech, canceling whoever they do not agree with, and nationalizing elections. We are gaslighted daily to not believe our own eyes and told the opposite of reality. You can see it clearly in this one paragraph. More From The Washington Post:

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