‘Nightly Show’ Smears ‘Creepy’ Cruz

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from MRC Newsbusters,

In what may be the worst series of attacks by the liberal media on Ted Cruz, Monday’s Nightly Show on Comedy Central featured host Larry Wilmore declaring that the “creepy” Cruz may be mentally disturbed with guest Aida Rodriguez firmly asserting that, if elected, Cruz’s agenda would be to “do everything the KKK does.”

During the panel segment, Rodriguez began building to her obscene comparison by first attacking Cruz’s Christian faith by trying to joke that Christians who believe in the Second Amendment must also believe that people can shoot one another to death and merely “ask for forgiveness, and [then] go about their business.”

Frequent panelist Mike Yard piled on by adding that Cruz supporters are “the people who say shit like if Jesus had a gun, the crucifixion would have went differently.”

Wilmore then opined that along with being against abortion and global warming but for traditional marriage, repealing of ObamaCare, guns, and abolishing the IRS, Cruz would be more likely than Donald Trump “to follow through on” Trump’s proposals because “[h]e’s not kidding around.”

The far-left comedian in Rodriguez then drew gasps (followed by applause) from the audience when she lumped Cruz in with the Ku Klux Klan: “He’s going to do everything the KKK does. That is his agenda.

For a sampling of other attacks by the liberal media against the Texas conservative, Geoffrey Dickens complied some of their worst attacks in the lead-up to the announcement of his presidential campaign on March 23.

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