The Lamest Media Hit Job Ever, Packing the Supreme Court

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from MRC,

It’s an election year, so expect the media to hype stories negative to conservatives, or create narratives out of thin air (i.e. Russia collusion) to hurt the Left’s political rivals.

Currently, conservatives have a 6-3 advantage in the Supreme Court. As you know, the Left turns to the courts to overturn and challenge everything they don’t like, which is basically everything that’s good for the U.S.A.

Since the latest administration took office, there have been rumblings about “reforming the court.” The plan is to add new justices until the liberal side gets the majority. Again, expressing the low emotional IQ of the Left — it’s not fair! It’s not fair!

MRC’s Bill D’Agostino penned an interesting story about how The New York Times has ginned up (led) the Samuel Alito “upside down” flag controversy, which is about as controversial as having stuffing instead of potatoes, to generate talk about packing the Supreme Court.

Alito’s wife had an upside-down flag hanging outside their home a few years ago, and somehow, the media are pretending that this means Alito should recuse himself from Jan. 6 cases. Apparently, the upside-down flag “somehow” stands for the belief that the election was stolen, or some such nonsense.

Corporate journalists are attempting to conjure up a pretense that the Supreme Court should be “reformed,” which, in this case, usually involves adding five or more new seats and immediately filling them with far-left ideologues.

Nobody’s buying it, because we know the media’s thoughts on the Supreme Court. As soon as Trump started nominating judges, they began questioning the court’s legitimacy and arguing that perhaps something needed to change.

Utilizing MRC’s 950,000-thousand-hour TV news archive, D’Agostino put together a compilation of your favorite left-wing media comrades lobbying Democrats to pack the Court.

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