Ex-Democrats, Independents, And Newbie Donors Throw Cash At Trump After Manhattan Show Trial

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from The Federalist,

‘I know I’m not alone. We do not live in a Democracy anymore,’ one former fence-sitter wrote on X following Thursday’s sham verdict.

hen the guilty verdict came down Thursday afternoon in that Manhattan kangaroo court, the credit cards came out in support of former President Donald Trump.

Voters who said they had been on the fence about the GOP’s three-time presidential nominee, resisted him in the past, or had just never contributed to a political campaign are reaching for their wallets following the banana republic prosecution, trial, and verdict.

“I just made my first political donation in my entire life. Those that want to destroy this country left me NO CHOICE. Trump 2024,” Chandler Crump, who bills himself as a 19-year-old Billboard charting artist and freedom fighter, wrote on his X account.

Crump apparently jumped into a long line.

The WinRed fundraising platform the former president’s 2024 campaign uses crashed following the jury’s verdict, reportedly because of a surge in interest and donations. The jury found Trump guilty of all 34 nebulous counts of falsifying business records filed by far-left prosecutor Alvin Bragg, who campaigned for the office on a platform of going after Trump. Billed as a “hush money” trial on alleged payments made to a pornographer, Bragg performed extralegal alchemy in transforming a languishing misdemeanor charge into a federal campaign finance felony. Not even the conflicted judge in the case, a donor to President Joe Biden’s campaign, seemed to fully understand the charges but knew enough to block an elections law expert from testifying that there was no crime.

What Americans — and the world — witnessed over the past several weeks was a Soviet-style show trial against Biden’s political opponent and the left’s public enemy No. 1. The stuff of banana republics. They got what they wanted: hanging the albatross of “convicted felon” around Trump’s neck as he looks to chase Biden from the White House and the swamp creatures from the federal government, even though the former president is immediately appealing the guilty verdict.

But the conviction could prove costly for an incumbent whose poll numbers have suffered with each indictment against his challenger.

Prominent business executives have warned that more New York enterprises and their leaders may fall victim to “no rule of law” in the wake of Donald Trump’s guilty verdict.”If they can do this to a business person like Donald Trump, they could do it to anybody in New York and a lot of businesses. A lot of people are concerned that there is no rule of law,” billionaire CEO John Catsimatidis said Friday on “Mornings with Maria.”

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