Expose the Truth Behind Queer Theory

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from EPOCH TV,

“They actually believe that all children are intrinsically queer, and that what’s happening is that normal society is ’socializing‘ them, which is a fancy word for ’brainwashing’ them, to be normal, which means—for them—not queer, where queer is a political stance.”

In this episode, I sit down with James Lindsay and Logan Lansing to discuss their new book, “The Queering of the American Child: How a New School Religious Cult Poisons the Minds and Bodies of Normal Kids.”

“It took me less than one minute to find a whole suite of furry literature about children adopting ‘fursonas,’ or furry personas, and identifying not as human, explicitly underwritten by queer theory in the doctrine,” says Mr. Lancing.

What is queer theory? Who are its biggest proponents? And what practical impact has it had on America’s youth, our institutions, and society at large?
“What they define for a pedagogy right from the beginning in 1993, was a radical form of educative activism, implemented deliberately to interfere with, to intervene in the production of normalcy in school subjects, which is just technical gobbledygook from queer theory. That means we are going to use critical pedagogy as a method and we’re going to make sure kids do not turn out normal,” says Mr. Lancing. “They’re going to turn out deviant, abnormal, perverse—whatever it is that is positioned against the norm, that is the goal. And they laid that out. Right at the very beginning. They also added that their goal was to make it explicitly activist in nature, so there is no room for interpretation.”

“There are no brakes on the train. Yesterday’s radical is today’s conservative. It has to keep moving towards the direction of completely dissolving normalcy, boundaries, and legitimacy. So, don’t be surprised if it gets a bit crazier than even children biting other children while they’re dressed as dogs and cats and wearing tails,” says Mr. Lancing.

“And it was meant to bring about what Paulo Freire’s vision was: a next generation, non-Soviet, Marxist revolution in the children, based off of an education system he derived from Mao Zedong, in his own words. What Mao had done in the 1950s successfully with children, he imported into his method,” says Mr. Lindsay. “But, of course, we know that Mao used that in the mid-1960s as the basis to create his Red Guard that then went and did exactly what we see schoolchildren in America doing today. Can they read? Not really. Can they write? Not so much. How are they at math? Failing. However, they know to show up on the statehouse steps when there’s some policy they don’t like or when something happens, so that they can do a die-in or they can do some kind of show of activism.”

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