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from The Gray Area:

The Wall Street Journal story today makes it very clear why Hamas, and all their supporters, condemned Israel for going into Rafah; Palestinians flee expanded Rafah fighting as Hamas resurges in northern Gaza..

It appears Hamas resistance has increased as they are backed into a corner and are desperately fighting for their lives. This is their last stronghold and Israel and everyone in the world knew it.  But, Hamas supporters, the UN, and even Joe Biden said no, don’t go into Rafah. Hamas has successfully used this tactic after previous wars to get world opinion to stop the fighting before they are destroyed. They hoped they could use it again to preserve themselves enough to fight again another day.

Israeli analysts say taking Rafah won’t deal a decisive blow to Hamas as long as it remains a potent insurgency that can pop up anywhere. “The battle for Rafah should be the last battle of this war,” said Uzi Dayan, a former head of Israel’s National Security Council. “This doesn’t mean that this is the end of this war.” Even if Israel were to subdue Hamas in the north, the sheer number of civilians in Rafah has constrained Israel, said retired Israeli Brig. Gen. Shlomo Brom. He said Israel may have lost much of its ability to use Rafah as a squeeze on Hamas by delaying the operation until the city absorbed so many internally displaced Palestinians. Analysts said an operation in Rafah is most critical to shutting down Hamas’s smuggling of weapons into Gaza via Egypt, but that wouldn’t deal Hamas a knockout punch.

Even though this effort may not destroy Hamas, it will continue to reduce their capability to cause death & destruction. The most die-hard pro-Palestinian groups should now realistically ask themselves, do they want the war to stop, or do they want Hamas to continue fighting for so-called Palestinian freedom? That is the only choice you have now. Hamas is being shown to be the murderous terrorist organization that the world knows them to be. To want then to continue Hamas terrorism IS the height of hatred, anti-semitism and genocide. Their is no other position to be taken. Either you want Hamas to be saved for another day, or you want this war and the aggressor (Hamas) to be stopped.


I think we know the answer.

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