US Support for Israel War Reaches Limit, May Restrict Ammo Supply

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from EPOCH TV,

The United States may restrict the supply of ammunition to Israel. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is urging Hamas to accept the terms of a peace deal, yet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also signaling that a peace deal may not be accepted on their end, since it risks keeping Hamas in power.

The alleged hold on ammunition would represent a serious shift in U.S. support for Israel, and suggests that the Biden administration may be trying to reign in the conflict.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hardened his rejection of the Hamas demands for an end to the Gaza war in exchange for the freeing of hostages, saying on Sunday that would keep the Palestinian Islamist group in power and pose a threat to Israel, which is unacceptable.

This insurgent Hamas war is a war of words. As with Vietnam and Afghanistan, the US won the war of bullets, but lost the wart of words. The narrative war in Gaza is being won by Hamas.

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