Please Let It Not Be a Woman

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from The New York Times,

Whoever Donald Trump chooses as his running mate, please let it not be a woman.

Perhaps you think it’s beside the point to worry over this.

But before writing off the vice presidency as a distraction, remember, three years ago, his vice president stood between democracy and autocracy, after he noticed at the very last minute there was a Constitution standing in the way of Trump overturning the 2020 election.

There’s also the very real prospect that should a 78-year-old Trump be re-elected, he may not complete his term.

And there’s the reality that the pageant has already begun.

“It’s very clear he’s holding these open auditions like it’s ‘The Apprentice,’” Kurt Bardella, a Democratic strategist, said of Trump to The Guardian. “He will flirt with everyone. He will make them dance. They will all debase themselves and humiliate themselves and jockey for that spot.”

Those already in the lineup include Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina,…there’s Representative Elise Stefanik of upstate New York…there’s his steadfast former press secretary and the current governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders…Kristi Noem, the second-term governor of South Dakota…wing nut devotees Kari Lake of Arizona and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia…finally, his primary competitor Nikki Haley, who has flat-out said it’s “off the table.”

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