Biden/Europeans Argue Protection of Virtual Pedophile Smut

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from C-FAM,

The Biden administration, the European Union, and other Western countries have asked the General Assembly to decriminalize some forms of teenage child pornography and virtual child pornography. This in a new binding treaty on cybercrime.

However, more than thirty traditional countries opposed the draft of the treaty during negotiations last week.

The new treaty would replace the strict unified standard against child pornography used in international law with a flexible one that varies between countries. Western countries argued the new standard is necessary to protect the sexual autonomy of teenagers who share sexual images of themselves and the privacy of people who produce and consume some forms of virtual child pornography.

The Biden administration supported the new framework during a polarized exchange in negotiations last week. “We need to allow some flexibility for minors who engage in sexual activity and to allow domestic laws with different ages of consent,” a U.S. delegate said.

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