Three big, bold ideas to douse the flames of a world on fire

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by Bono & Lawrence Summers,

from The Washington Post,

Wildfires of all kinds.

This has been the hottest summer, not just in both of our lives but possibly in 120,000 years, according to leading scientists. Yet it is likely to be the coolest we’ll experience for the rest of our lives.

It’s a startling thought and one to stop on before checking the exits — if we can find any.

That means more heat, more drought and more wildfires like this summer’s devastating blazes in Maui and the Mediterranean basin. But it also means more pressure on a global economy already feeling the strain.

Because the climate crisis unaddressed will become development in reverse, undoing decades of social and economic progress in regions that did nothing to cause it.

This is a time to plan, not panic. To organize, not agonize. There are strategies we can adopt before the next time we hear someone shout “Fire!” and we realize it’s the global economy itself that has gone up in flames.

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