Rep. Hageman Corners DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Free Speech

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from mrcNewsbusters,

A fired-up Rep. Harriet M. Hageman (R-WY) pressed Biden’s DHS Secretary on an infamous taxpayer-funded program seeking to destroy the conservative movement.

Hageman pressed Mayorkas, for the first time, over the weaponization of the taxpayer-funded program. Specifically, Hageman asked, “Secretary Mayorkas, does the affiliation with conservative or Christian beliefs make someone a Nazi or a domestic terrorist?” A seemingly dismissive Mayorkas answered, “Of course, not,” to which Hageman responded, “Then if that’s so, why is your agency targeting Americans who are Christians and conservatives?”

However, Mayorkas’s attempt to deny his agency’s full-fledged war against conservatives directly contradicts his actions. “Congresswoman Hageman got Mayorkas to disavow the DHS grantee, but words alone are meaningless. Mayorkas has done nothing to terminate the grant and even worse has allowed other grantees to continue targeting conservatives,” said MRC Free Speech America VP Dan Schneider.

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