We all dress like Barbie now

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from The Washington Post,

The years-long marketing campaign for ‘Barbie’ shows how fashion’s chain of influence is being dramatically upended.

The promotion around “Barbie” has inspired multiple collaborations with every kind of brand, from the Parisian couture house Balmain to the machine-washable rug upstart Ruggable, suggesting that the Greta Gerwig-directed movie is less about whether a blockbuster can be made with artistic credibility and more about how lengthy and convincing a marketing campaign can be. How far can a movie go in enticing us to adapt more pink, more play, more Barbie?

Nowhere has “Barbie’s” outsize influence been more evident than in fashion…In the process, it seems the fashion industry itself — like everything else in this age — is becoming one big Marvel Cinematic Universe (with better hair).

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