Texas Gunman Had City of Dallas Tattoo, Odd Voicemail

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from NewsMax,

Scant details are available on the Allen, Texas, mall murderer, identified as Mauricio Martinez Garcia, 33, but an image of his hand shows a city of Dallas tattoo.

Separately, a reported call to his cellphone picked up an odd voice mail message, where he made an oft-repeated joke about money.

Photos circulating of Garcia showed a tattoo on his left hand potentially representing the city of Dallas.

Texas law enforcement told Newsmax this tattoo might be an indicator of potential gang involvement with the Puro Tango Blast prison gang. Tango Blast tattoos typically indicate where the bearer is from, such as sports or city symbols and area codes, according to the official.

Puro Tango Blast is one of the fastest growing gangs, with exploding growth, no constitution, and no leadership, according to the official. They can move between gangs.

The decentralized nature of Tango Blast makes it easier for the members to avoid organized crime cases, according to law enforcement.

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