Say Goodbye to Hollywood

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from TPPF,

What to know: Why are so many in the middle class fleeing states such as California that “tax the rich”? Because those same states also impose stricter regulations, along with high taxes for everyone.

The TPPF take: People are leaving states like California for states like Texas—for good reason.

“When coupled with California’s 46th-place ranking for state and local taxes in 2022 — New York was 50 — its heavy regulatory compliance burden, calculated at $134,000 annually for small businesses back in 2009 and no doubt far worse today, its business-crushing response to the Covid-19 virus, and crime with no consequences thanks to district attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco, it’s no wonder inbound movers from other states plummeted 38 percent while Californians fleeing out of state increased 12 percent last year,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore.

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