Bomb attack on U.K. migrant center fueled by extreme-right motive, police say

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from The Washington Post,

British police said Saturday that evidence revealed “an extreme right wing motivation” behind an attack last week at an immigration center on the English coast, describing it as “a terrorist incident.”

A 66-year-old man threw at least two gasoline bombs at the walls of a migrant center on Oct. 30 near the port town of Dover, a point of arrival for many who attempt the perilous journey to Britain across the English Channel in small boats. The assailant was later found dead. Authorities identified him as Andrew Leak.

British counterterrorism police said they found evidence indicating the man who arrived alone in a car and hurled “a number of crude incendiary devices” outside was “motivated by a terrorist ideology.” While the agency said the probe continues, it added there were no signs he had accomplices.

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