Rishi Sunak to be installed as U.K. prime minister on Tuesday

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from The Washington Post,

Rishi Sunak will be Britain’s next prime minister, the first person of color in the job, after winning the Conservative Party’s leadership contest on Monday. Sunak, a 42-year-old former finance minister who led the revolt against Boris Johnson and was runner-up to Liz Truss in September, will succeed them both, becoming Britain’s third leader in less than two months, tasked with improving the country’s economic trajectory and public trust in the Conservative Party.

In his first public remarks, Sunak thanked Truss for having “led with dignity and grace through a time of great change and under exceptionally difficult circumstances both at home and abroad.” He said Britain faces “a profound economic challenge” and that he would “make it my utmost priority to bring our party and our country together.”

Rishi Sunak is one of the wealthiest people in Britain and will soon be the most powerful when he becomes prime minister. This may be the first time in history that the residents of Downing Street are richer than those of Buckingham Palace.

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