How one grandmother fell into the health insurance gap — and why the Build Back Better plan could help cover Texans like her

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from Texas Tribune,

At least 770,000 Texans are ineligible for both Medicaid and health insurance subsidies through the state-run marketplaces.

It’s a problem Rosalez and about 770,000 Texans who are living in poverty face each day because they cannot qualify for government help to pay for health care insurance.

But a provision of the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better legislation, which is being considered by Congress, would fix that loophole through at least 2025. Rosalez and 2.2 million other Americans in her situation would be eligible for free health insurance plans sold through state-run marketplaces for the first time since they were created by the Affordable Care Act more than a decade ago.

That provision applies only to Texas and 11 other states that refuse to extend health coverage under Medicaid.

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