What Biden’s sweeping social safety plan might include — and what it likely won’t

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from CNN,

Democrats in Congress are negotiating a sweeping budget reconciliation package that is the centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda.

The 10-year spending plan, originally priced at $3.5 trillion, marks the biggest step in the Democrats’ drive to expand education, health care and child care support, as well as tackling the climate crisis and making further investments in infrastructure. But it has also raised concerns among moderate Democrats in both chambers who worry some of the elements of the package go too far and are too costly.

The legislation has yet to be finalized, but here’s what we know could be in the package,…

Establishing universal Pre-K

Expanding the child tax credit

Making child care more affordable

Creating paid family and medical leave program

Boosting child nutrition programs

Expanding Medicare benefits

Extending beefed-up Affordable Care Act subsidies

Creating a federal Medicaid expansion program

Allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices

Investing in home health care

Bolstering health equity

Combating climate change

investing more in infrastructure and jobs

Dealing with the state and local tax deduction

Hiking taxes on the rich and corporations

Free community college is out

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