Infrastructure should focus on things Americans need like roads, bridges and tunnels, not political agendas

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from Heritage Action,

The Biden administration is promoting the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan as an “infrastructure package.” Simply put, when the Biden Administration uses the term infrastructure to describe these plans, they’re lying to you. The two proposals would cost $4.5 trillion total, the largest government intrusion into the lives of Americans since the New Deal. It is nothing short of socialism.

Only 20% of the plan ($441 billion) would go towards transportation infrastructure, and less than 5% ($90 billion) would go towards traditional highway and bridge projects. The plan’s wasteful spending includes $877 billion in bailouts for green energy industries, $200 billion for universal pre-school, $109 billion for free community college, $40 billion to prop up Obamacare, and $80 billion in welfare programs expansion.

The Biden Administration’s goal is to finally fulfill the promises of the radical far Left to fundamentally remodel the American economy into a centrally planned, government-run enterprise that controls every aspect of your life, whether it’s what you drive to work or how you raise your kids.

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