New York Democrat Credits Hydroxychloroquine for Recovery, Thanks Trump

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

“Democratic New York City Councilman Paul Vallone credits hydroxychloroquine with saving his life as he fought against the lethal respiratory disease. Vallone, who represents Queens, told the New York Post that [hydroxychloroquine] ‘basically saved me.’ Vallone was extremely ill with coronavirus in March. The situation was dire because he already suffers from sarcoidosis, an incurable auto-immune disease that mostly affects the lungs and lymph glands.

“‘We were in panic mode when I went down because I didn’t have a lot of immune response,’ Vallone said. ‘I needed something to stay alive.’ ‘I couldn’t breathe, very weak, couldn’t get out of bed,’ he said. ‘My doctor prescribed it,’” hydroxychloroquine, back in March. “‘My pharmacy had it. Took it that day and within two to three days I was able to breathe.’ Vallone took hydroxychloroquine with a flu Z-pack and ‘within a week’ he was back on his feet.

“‘At that time, there was only fear and panic,’” again, this is in March, folks. Back then “there was only fear and panic. He offered hope…’” He’s talking about Trump here. “‘[H]e offered hope in a possible treatment when there was none,’ Vallone said of Trump’s endorsement of hydroxychloroquine. ‘With my sarcoidosis and then my COVID symptoms, it basically saved me. For that my family will always be thankful.’”

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