Sweden Proves the Lockdown Was Unnecessary

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

RUSH: So, this epidemiologist, Neil Ferguson, says essentially that these lockdowns didn’t do anything. (paraphrased) “Sweden shows that every country would have had the same outcome without the lockdowns and social distancing.” He was asked why 4,000 people had died in Sweden instead of the 90,000 he had predicted.

This guy, Neil Ferguson’s predictions at the outset said 90,000 people in Sweden would die because they weren’t gonna lock down, and 4,000 people died. They asked him, “What happened?” He said, “Well, I think it’s an interesting question.” By the way, Sweden’s GDP, gross domestic product, has gone up during the crisis. He said, “It’s interesting that adopting a policy which is short of a full lockdown…

“I mean, they’ve closed secondary schools, universities. There’s a significant amount of social distancing, but it’s not a full lockdown, and they’ve got quite a long way to the same effect.” He was speaking before a House of Lords’ Science and Technology Committee. The guy who said, “A half a million Britons could die,” said, “Well, it’s an interesting question.”

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