What The ‘Equality Act’ Really Means

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from Heritage Action For America,

Although titled the “Equality Act,” the policies contained within this bill would create greater inequality.

Here’s what the bill would do to our country:

  • Women will be forced to share their bathrooms and locker rooms with men who identify as women.
  • Women will be pushed out of women’s sports (and college scholarships) by men who identify as women.
  • Elementary schools will teach that gender is fluid explaining that boys can be girls and girls can be boys.
  • Parents could lose custody of their children if they refuse treatment by doctors who want to prescribe their children puberty blockers and hormone therapies.
  • Businesses and religious charities who refuse to comply with this new mandate will be forced to close.

While we do not expect the bill to advance to the Senate for a vote, it is important that we remain vigilant against these radical pieces of legislation.

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