Violence from the left

Is any of this inciting a riot?

from The Gray Area:
Would you call any of this a 'insurrection'? The Heritage Foundation's Susan B Anthony List reports that there have been over 50 attacks on Pro-Life groups and pregnancy care centers since the Alito opinion leaked on May 3rd. A very real threat on the life of Justice Brett Kavanaugh was thwarted. Pro-abortion activists groups have literally called for an “open season” on operating pro-life groups. The Department of Justice must investigate these violent campaigns. After an attack in Madison, Wisconsin, Jane’s Revenge claimed credit and said they were at “war” with pro-life groups. The group is planning a “Night of Rage” Do you think this is an unbiased media? MSNBC Mourns 'Very Dark Day in America' After Roe Falls Media Meltdown Compilation: Roe Overturned, Journalist Hardest Hit Do you want any of these people in charge of 'red flag' decisions? Milano & Reiner & Midler, Oh My! Leftists Spontaneously Combust Following Overturning of Roe v. Wade Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler And More Stars React To Overturn Of Roe V. Wade How about these abortion justifications & comments: The tolerant left? Federal Agents Issue 'Urgent' Warning to Churches About Pro-Abortion Activists' 'Night of Rage' Protests Hit Cities Across The Country Following SCOTUS Abortion Decision Soros-Funded Groups Lose Their Minds Over Abortion Defeat Exactly who are the violent people? Weekend of Violence Kicks Off as Rioters Assault Pro-Lifers, Explosion Booms Behind Police Line Smoke Rises Over Arizona Capitol After Riot Police Break Pro-Abortion Siege And, then, of course, there is social media. TikTok Quietly Reverses Ban On Pro-Abortion Group Using App To Protest Outside SCOTUS Justice Homes.

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