Liberal Hoaxs & false flag events

Overflowing with love!

from The Gray Area:

ESPN last week put out a trailer for an E60 special on Bubba Wallace. First of all, that program is based on a event that DID NOT HAPPEN! There was no noose in Bubba Wallace's garage in 2020. It was a garage door pull down rope that had been in the garage for months.

But, that truth does not support the political narrative, so it is conveniently ignored!

The other point which is also conveniently ignored is what happened after the erroneous accusation. Watch the ESPN video clip below:

If that clip didn't touch your heart, than you too missed the point. Look at all those peopel, white people, people of every race in NASCAR came out in support of Bubba Wallace. Is that a sport or a society that is overflowing with 'white supremacy'? NO!!! It is just the opposite. It is a sport and a s society that is overflowing with love, not hate.

Don't miss that truth. Ignore the political narratives and stick with reality. You can see it everywhere, if you want to.

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