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from The Gray Area:

The New York City Excelsior Pass vaccine passport ushers in the next phase of lost freedom in this country. We thought it was bad enough to have to take our shoes off at the airport after 9/11 (20 years ago and counting), to be locked up at home during COVID, then, when released, from home by out overseers, we had to wear masks and stay away from people, paying people to stay home and not work, and allowing people tolive rent free, seemingly forever. That's just COVID. We will not attempt to list the 1000s of bureaucratic regulations we have lived under over the past 50 years that limit our freedoms when at work, at church, and at home. And, on a related authoritarian level, Biden's renewed eviction moratorium, over Supreme Court guidance is an afront to the rule of law and another step toward tyranny.

But, now comes our walking around papers. If you want to go to a restaurant, a concert, or anywhere in NYC, you must have your vaccination card. Proprietors will be forced to ask you, SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS! Think that this sounds Communist, or Nazi or other totalitarian cliche and you would be correct.

This idea is bad on its face, but when you analyze it further, it is insanity.

COVID does not require this kind of government control, period. Use the science and you will see that clearly. 99% of the population is either unaffected or have a minor inconvenience to the disease. This does not justify such measures. And if we ever want to minimize the impact of COVID, we must develop immunity. Hiding is not immunity. Vaccines, are not the only immunity.

What ever happened to the 'home of the brave'.

And, the contradiction in NYC, DeBlasio is letting criminals run free, but taking away everyone else’s freedoms.

Interesting that voter ID is racist, but Vaccine ID is mandatory!.

Furthermore,, as the Wall Street Journal states, If Biden (and other Democrats like DeBlasio) Is Serious About Covid, He’ll Protect the Border. The government releases migrants, untested, to live in tight spaces alongside scores of strangers.

And you were concerned about how the iPhone tracks your every move. Now, via the Excelsior Pass in NYC, the government will track your every move and have all the data!

The policy inconsistencies scream, and make it clear that COVID policy either is nonexistent or politically targeted.

That answer is clear as well.

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