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Gov. Sununu nails it; talk like that is 'inaccurate, divisive, and not leadership'

from The Gray Area:

Gov. Chris Sununu of NH said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that President Joe Biden should apologize for calling Republicans semi-fascist. And then, in answer to a follow up question he gave the best answer yet:

Sununu said, “Horribly insulting. The fact that the president would go out and insult half of America. Half of America votes Democrat, and half votes Republican. But, to call half of America semi-fascist because he’s trying to stir up controversy, stir up this sentiment before the election. It’s horribly inappropriate and insulting and people should be insulted and he should apologize.” Anchor Dana Bash said, “You don’t see any elements of that at all in your party?” Sununu said, “Look, you can see elements of fascism and white supremacy in America. Let’s own that as Americans, no doubt. We can say all the Democrats are communists. They’re all ultra-socialist communists that want to bring down our capitalistic market. That’s not true, either. When we allow ourselves to talk in these extremes, we polarize the country. We bring people further apart. If I remember, this was the guy, the candidate at the time, to be president that said he was going to bring everybody together, and then to call half of America fascist, come on. He owes an apology. That’s not appropriate. That isn’t leadership.

Gov Sununu nailed the issue. Talk like that is inaccurate, it is divisive, and it is not leadership.

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