2022 Mid Term Elections

Democrats Should Embrace Patriotism

from The Liberal Patriot,

No, America Is Not a Racist, Dystopian Hellhole.

Here is the uncomfortable fact Democrats need to face: whatever the outcome of the 2022 election, Democrats’ uncompetitiveness among white working class voters and among voters in exurban, small town and rural America puts them at a massive disadvantage given the structure of the American electoral system. This problem has only been exacerbated by recent slippage in Democratic support among nonwhite working class voters. Without better performance among these voter groups, Democrats’ hold on power will be ever tenuous, as will be their ability to actually fix the problems they say they want to fix. To address this problem, I suggest a three point plan for reform and renewal. I covered the first two parts of this plan in my last two posts: 1. Democrats Must Move to the Center on Cultural Issues 2. Democrats Must Promote an Abundance Agenda 3. Democrats Must Embrace Patriotism and Liberal Nationalism

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